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Breastfeeding Tips

Breastfeeding Tips: Birth Classes

Reasons Your Baby Is Nursing?

Do you know possible reasons why your baby is nursing? Was your first guess hunger? Surprisingly hunger is not the only reason babies nurse. Here’s the top five reasons babies nurse but there’s more. Thirst, hunger, love, relaxation and development & immunities. Remember babies are humans just like us. Your baby gets thirsty and will nurse just to quench that thirst. When baby is hungry, baby will signal to you he or she wants to nurse. Love is given through nursing with comfort, affection and eye contact. For relaxation babies nurse so they can relax or sleep. Your milk changes each feeding and when baby nurses they get the components to grow, thrive & protect their immune system. Schedule a lactation consultation so we can discuss in depth other reasons your baby may be nursing.


Support From Your Village?

Yes mom is breastfeeding however there is other ways dads and support team can bond with baby. There are things the support person/team can do that will assist mom while adjusting to a new baby in the home. Here's a short list of helpful ways others can help mom. Burping baby after feedings while mom eats a meal. Do bath time and bedtime routine with baby while mom showers or take a nap. When doing household duties include washing mom's pump parts. Take the time to hear mom out as she express how her day was or the challenges she is facing. When mom is feeling push back from others because of her decision to breastfeed, stand up for her.  Lets chat more about this so we can uncover the other options to help mom.


How Do You Feed Your Baby?

Feeding baby can be done multiple ways with breastmilk. You can latch baby directly to your breast or exclusively pump. Did you know there is more than one position to put your baby in to breastfeed? The most common two position moms tend to hold baby in is the football hold and cradle. When it comes to positions its about what is comfortable for both you and baby. Did you know as a  pumper, did you know that bottle size and nipple flow is important? The flow of a bottle nipple is faster than your breast and baby doesn't have to work as hard. Baby is able to control the flow of the milk coming out of the breast compared to a bottle. The way the bottle is held plays a part of the intake of the milk. With breastmilk you don't need 8oz bottles to feed baby. That's just the iceberg, it gets deeper. Be sure to contact me so we can make sure you know your options.


Which Supplements Is Needed?

Supplements is not needed to be successful at breastfeeding. You have to move milk to make milk mama. Rather you nurse or pump you should move milk to maintain your supply. Some moms swear by supplement fenugreek but it is not needed to increase your supply. And it actually can do more damage than help. It is a supplement that is known to decrease milk supply, cause stomach problems for baby and mom and its not safe for pregnant women. There are natural herbs that can assist with increasing your supply. Remember to feed baby not the freezer. Lets chat about your other options.

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